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if you're overthinking, you're doing too much

"We suffer more in imagination than in reality." Seneca said this, writing to us in the modern age, and to those in his Ancient one about 2000 years ago. That's one of the most fascinating, moving things to me. From him, 2000 years ago to us today, the human experience still rubs us all the same.

If you're like me, and you pore over decisions and weigh every possibility and what could happen and how might this affect that and trying to account for every fucking pixel, morsel and variable, then u already kno the vibes lmao.

and i think we're doing too much. like dude. wtf. wtfffffffffffffff

and there are many, many psychological and spiritual explanations for why we're like this written and studied by people with vastly more knowledge and expertise on the subject than i.

but i do feel maybe, maybe i've figured out another thriving mechanism. i say thriving mechanism as opposed to coping mechanism because, i want to do more than cope or survive. im gon flourish hoe and that's on god !

but anyways, i guess i have two things that really help. the first is, i reverse psychology that bitch. i affirm that anything i overthink and agonize over and feel about bad always ends up working out in my favor. but, i don't say it in the affirmation type way we've been taught and directed to. i say it almost the same way some people bemoan their bad luck. i say it like, "damn all the shit i be overthinking ALWAYS ends up working out in my favor. dats crazy." and it do!

and that doesn't mean you won't be anxious or worried. duhhh nigga we living in a 3D (shifting to 4D tho) realm. we are GOING to feel anxious and scared and unsure and not confident sometimes. and that's perfectly alright. HOWEVER. what we NOT gonna is do wallow for too long. i'm sorry, i'm not gonna let you wallow. wallow for one day and cry and eat crab and shrimp and french fries then get that ass up. im deadass.

there will be low points. and there will points so high and so stable you're going to wonder how you ever felt like living wasn't worth it. and remember, the only time a person can be brave is when they are afraid. that thought is the second thing that helps.

much love comrades <3


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