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The compelling kommanderworld triumvirate diety printed on a classic white crewneck. The model is wearing a medium. Consult size chart to know fitting for you. Get a size down if you would like a tighter fit, as this material does stretch.


This painting is inspired by three primary sources: elements of the Hindu faith, the concept of the trinity in Christianity, as well as (very mildly) the roman god Janus. Many hours of research and thought were put into this painting. The mudras (the hand gestures at the top of the painting) are the jnana mudra (gesture of consciousness), the abhaya mudra (gesture of fearlessness), and another jnana mudra.


The prayer written in sanskrit on the body translates into: We meditate on the glory of sacred Light, illuminating the three worlds. May that divine light inspire our thoughts.

"Empowerment Through Creation" Classic Crew

  • Turn this shirt inside out to wash. Iron inside out as well. 

note: tap on item to see full image. Press play button to view video.