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The original, viral Angel Number Necklace now finally arrives in a glamorous gold. Available in every number.


Length: 19 inches

Description: Gold Angel Number Chain Necklace

Material: Gold-filled Stainless Steel

Tarnish-free and waterproof.


111 is the number of manifestation.

222 encourages you to focus on balance in your life as well as faith and trust. 

333 signifies that your divine guides are with you and are looking out for you.

444 signifies reponsibility, productivity, determination and endurance.

555 signifies positive changes in your life. 

666 is an encouragement to refocus. 

777 signifies divine guidance.

 888 signifies an abundance of love, financial wealth, and positivity. 

999 signifies a higher perspective, and time for new beginning and a fresh mindset.

Gold Angel Number Chain Necklace

  • Be sure to store your jewelry in a dry area. As with any jewelry, avoid liquids and oils as these may contain chemicals that could wear on your jewelry.

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