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Chrome silver-plated heavy, thick chain necklace with ones, threes, fives, sevens, and nines along the chain.


Numbers available: 111, 333, 555, 999


The Angel Number 111 is the number of manifestation. This number signifies that you are manifesting what your thoughts, attention, energy and focus is on, and this necklace reminds you to keep your thoughts positive and focused on abundance. It also symbolizes awareness and achievement, as well as motivation.


The Angel Number 333 signifies that your divine guides are with you and are looking out for you, available to assist you in finding or fulfilling your purpose. This number also calls you to spiritual, personal and emotional development, and to continue to expressive yourself creatively.


The Angel Number 555 signifies positive changes in your life. This number is a sign to be open to leaving the old behind and embracing new, divinely-guided experiences as well as developing the tenacity to deal with change. This number is also representative of life choices and decision-making, as well as flexibility.


The Angel Number 999 signifies a higher perspective, and time for new beginning and a fresh mindset. This number symbolizes having faith and trust in your plans, as well as finding and being in alignment with your purpose. 


Length: 19 inches

Material: silver-plated stainless steel

Description: Angel Number Thick Chain Necklace


Lobster clasps are 21mm x 12 mm. These are larger than average clasps due to the heavy chain. See the image for reference.


Odd Angel Number Heavy Chain Necklace

  • Be sure to store your jewelry in a dry area. As with any jewelry, avoid liquids and oils as these may contain chemicals that could wear on your jewelry.

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