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Chrome silver-plated heavy chain necklace with twos, four, sixes, or eights along the chain. Numbers available: 222, 444, 666, 888


The 222 Angel Number encourages you to focus on balance in your life as well as faith and trust. This number also has the energy of cooperation and expansion, and reminds you to be aware of your limited or chaotic thoughts, feelings, or beliefs as there are new opportunities on the horizon.


The Angel Number 444 signifies reponsibility, productivity, determination and endurance. This number is a sign that you are encouraged to push yourself and keep going, because your breakthrough is right around the corner. This sign also asks you to pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom.


The Angel Number 888 signifies an abundance of love, financial wealth, and positivity. This number symbolizes 'good karma' and your hard, diligent work paying off and reminds you of your limitless potential. 


Length: 21 inches

Material: silver-plated stainless steel

Description: Angel Number Thick Chain Necklace


Lobster clasps are 21mm x 12 mm. These are larger than average clasps due to the heavy chain. See the image for reference.


Even Angel Number Heavy Chain Necklace

  • Be sure to store your jewelry in a dry area. As with any jewelry, avoid liquids and oils, as these may contain chemicals that could wear on your jewelry.

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