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Kinda overwhelmed?

It's one of those things were it's like fuck, this is a lot to deal with. It's currently 7am and I've been up all night and I cried earlier, because I was overwhelmed, but now I do feel better, albeit it's that feeling that you get where you feel clarity, but only because you have felt great pain.

It's dangerous to think that everybody else is doing so well and you're struggling, whether it be emotionally or mentally or what have you and everybody else is living it the fuck up. That's how the shit be looking tho!! so what the FUCK you know? Right now, I'm like okay, fuck, fuck. fuck. let me TEAR my focus away from these ideas that only pull me under. Like, radical self-focus time. It is radical self-focus time. I have my goals. I know what they are. They're pretty concrete. And I know I will achieve them, with time. It's just, fuck, this mental hurricane. you know?

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MASK Society
MASK Society
Apr 25, 2021

yup ik... thats that goddess frequency

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