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Bruh I'm shook!!! I was so anxious and nervous to launch and I am so full of gratitude that people are loving it and placing orders. I'm so thankful to all of you, you are guys truly, truly so wonderful and sweet.

I had intended to write wayyy more posts but I've been uber busy mannn. I'm working on a commission right now and I have an even bigger commission to work on once that's finished. My painting technique is getting even better so I'm so happy about that.

I will say, I'm very excited and focusing on the supporters and the lovers and the friends as opposed to the others. I did feel lowkey disappointed when some people that I knew haven't even said congrats or lowkey anything about my launching but they watching every story loooool i don't get it & I hope that doesn't sound too childish smh. But shit idc that's real af!! I'm not pissed or anything but you know, it's one of those things i guess.

Anyways, love love love love love you guys so much and DM me!! Let's just chop it up. Right now I'm watching this series called Raised by Wolves on HBO and it's FUCKING NUTSO! God, it's so complex. The themes, it's like they mixed religion with a technocratic society with androids and high priests and simulations and the wilderness. Nuts.

And of course Attack on Fucking Titan!!!! One of the craziest anime out. Love yaaaaaaaa<3


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