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Hiya! Dia Dhuit. Hola. Bienvenidos.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

heyy! I am Kofo. Thanks for looking around and checking stuff out, I appreciate that. i'm super amped about the roiling, deep sky behind these words. It's the way it feelings so moving and emotive. super cool. anyways i don't really have that much to write right now. other than thinking about this cool book i might read today.

is it just me or does reading sometimes feel almost too much of a time luxury? idk if you get me. As in like, i b feeling i have much to work on, sometimes so much so that it's like damn lowkey i think i'd rn, or get back into reading. but it almost feels like one of two things: this lil feeling kind feels guilty for reading when i could be ~working~ on something. like i'm relaxing too much. and 2)...actually no, that was it right there actually.

love <3


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